1 dram vials make good recrystallization dishes for small amounts of compound. Use a 22G needle and syringe to draw out the mother liquor without removing the crystals.

The marks from most gel-ink pens are solvent proof and nigh-indestructible. The paper will degrade before the ink, but a label will survive months or years of use if a bit of packing tape is applied.

Bend the tip of your spatulas with a pair of pliers and you’ll have a lot less trouble scraping solids off the sides of round bottom flasks.

Drawn into a standard Pasteur pipette, 1 cm of most liquids is a enough sample to run a good NMR. Either use capillary action to draw up that amount or repeatedly dab the (uncapped) pipette into the liquid, depending on the liquid’s viscosity.  Rest the pipette in a NMR tube and rinse your deuterated solvent in through the top.

Wrap the top of your hot plates in aluminum foil and you won’t have to worry about spills staining the steel or making a mess.