I’m trying out something new this week, adding RSS feeds for the journals I read to my usual list of blogs.  While hunting for the ACS RSS links (right hand side of the main page) I came across Masato Oikawa’s list, which has the potential to save a fair bit of time.  By my count he’s collected links to 47 feeds, covering every journal from Carbohydrate Research to Chemical reviews.  Those interested in the biochemistry side may feel a little left out, but NPG’s list is only a click away.

Dr. Freddy over at the blog Synthetic remarks has also put a few RSS feeds together, grouping journals into sub-field RSSes (ie. Nature and Science, JACS/JOC/Org Lett., etc.), and for those without RSS readers there’s also chemfeeds, which collects everything in a pretty web 2.0 interface.