With most (Canadian) scholarship/grants due between now and mid-October everyone is in crunch mode.  I’m going to try to put together a post on writing the proposed research sections, but till I get the time here’s a little youtube diversion.  Scientific song covers!

Most of these were created by (micro/cell/molecular) biologists, due to UC-Berkeley’s MCB Follies [1], but there are a few undergraduates chemistry students doing their part.  For some reason or another graduate-level chemists seem to favour other pursuits [2].

Just Haven’t Published Yet

Graduate School Pressure

Most Beautiful Girl (in the lab)

Bad Project

I’m Bringing Stickleback

“Grad School, I Love You (But You’re Bringing Me Down)”



Vacation Madness

Two nice examples of undergraduate work [3]:

The Bonding Song

Chemistry Jock


[1] Note: These follies continue in med school.

[2] The exception which proves the rule: “In Da Lab”, a TA produced chemistry rap.  The video making seems to pick up once chemists leave grad school.

[3] Several professors/TAs give extra credit for music videos, so there’s a LOT out there.