• Three rinses is required to remove any soluble compound from a glass surface.  This is true for micropipettes too.  With a small vial of methanol or acetone handy the spotters are nigh infinitely reusable.
  • Keep five or ten micropipettes on hand when running columns.  It’s much faster to use one pipette for each test tube than it is to use the same pipette for all five, washing in between.
  • If you put a piece of filter paper in the bottom of your TLC jar the plates will lean against the walls perfectly every time.
  • 200mL wide mouth jars make good TLC chambers, if you can’t afford a square, glass Cadillac. The seal will maintain the solvent ratio for days.
  • If your reaction takes is running in toluene or pyridine heat the plate to ~130C for two minutes or so after running the TLC.  The aromatic will evaporate off, simplifying the UV reading.
  • Bonus: A TLC Staining Solution.

Edit: Of course my link for glass cadillac goes offline the day after I post it.  Here’s another.  General features: square, all glass top, and a groove in the bottom to allow multiple plates/solvent mixes.