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After all the theory in the last few winter reading list posts, here’s something firm and concrete. How should you behave during a standard two day academic job interview?

The best resource for this probably the twenty-seven page manual (PDF) Dr. Jonathan Dantzig has prepared for mechanical engineers [1]. Dantzig served as chair of the University of Illinois’s academic hiring committee for a number of years, and oversaw the hiring of quite a few assistant professors.  His guide is comprehensive and free of extraneous fluff, walking potential applicants through every step of the process. The last third of the pdf is sample cover letters, CVs, and offer letters, which the visual learner part of me is always happy to see.


[1] Science (the AAAS journal) also ran a few pieces on good interview answers and proper negotiating tactics at the turn of the millennium. There are some nice tips there too, especially in the negotiation script, translated.