…Some really helpful research hit the other chemistry blogs.  If these posts passed you by the first time they’re definitely worth another look.

1.  Rotamers are Easy to Assign

From the Sussex Drug Discovery Blog comes a write-up on a simple method to tease out those NMR irregularities that are actually due to rotamers [1].  The trick is to look at the NOESY/ROESY spectra.  If a single NOE irradiation gives more than one negative peak the peaks are the same hydrogen, divided into rotameric states.

2.  Practical Fragments Review

Dan Erlanson of Practical Fragments fame has put together an excellent introduction to fragment based drug discovery, focusing on the myriad ways that a project can run into problems.  It’s open access, so take a look!

3.  Buying Lab Supplies on the Cheap

Practical jokes aside, Chembark is outfitting his new lab.  He asked the community for advice on finding discounted lab supplies, and the resulting discussion has created a wonderful resource.

4.  Mobile Bed Chromatography


For years I’ve been hunting for an effective replacement for column chromatography (with mixed success).  One relatively new technique that is getting some play in industry is Simulated Mobile Bed Chromatography, which uses alternating flow directions to separate out simple mixtures of compounds.  Steve McKerrall breaks down the process into simple terms, leaning heavily on one of the world’s most awesome review papers.

5.  Nat. Chem Biol. Special Issue

The journal Nature Chemical Biology is having a theme issue, with six pieces on the selection and validation of “Targets”–in both the lab and the clinic.  Derek Lowe at In the Pipeline has been blogging about his favourite articles, but if you’re interested in the biological applications of organic chemistry you may just find all six articles fascinating.

[1] I’ve used this excuse, but I swear it was true.  They had tertiary amide bonds and everything.