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*cue fanfare*

It’s been an awesome year, and I’d like to thank everyone who has dropped, whether they read one post or a hundred ninety-six.  I’ve learned a lot over the last twelve months and I hope you have too.

In the spirit of celebrations there’s a joke-y post planned for later today (chemistry limericks!), but right now let’s go back to Just Like Cooking’s first anniversary, in July, 2012.  Drawing from the a list of wedding gifts I suggested having “traditional” blog gifts [1].  Chemjobber said that was “terribly clever”, and encouraged by the praise I went and stared at my rotovap for the rest of day.

But that was then.  In the here and now I’m proud to announce the official list of Traditional Blog Anniversary Gifts™.  Accept no substitutes.

0th (Inaugural Post) – Tweets

1st – Comments

2nd – Retweets/Likes/Favourites [2]


4th – Mascots/Mascot clothing

5th – New Catchphrases

6th – Fan Art

7th – Memes

8th – Bad poetry

9th – Youtube Videos

10th – Guest Posts

15th – Esoteric glassware

20th – Citations

[1] “Traditional” in that I just made it up.

[2] If the blog is in the UK the order of the 1st and 2nd gifts should be switched.