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*Note: If you’re looking for a tenure-track job and have already seen this, you should check out the TT Job search aggregator, which I covered a few months ago.*

For the past six weeks Kenneth Hanson of ChemistryBlog has been detailing his (successful) attempt to gain a job as an assistant professor [1].  Over eight posts everything from looking for openings to startup funds negotiation is covered in depth, making a great resource for anyone interested in getting an academic job of their own some day.

Part 1: The Timeline
Part 2: Proposal Preparation
Part 3: Proposal Format
Part 4: Other Content
Part 5: Submitting and Writing
Part 6: Phone and On-Site Interviews
Part 7: Research/Proposal Talks and Meeting with the Chair
Part 8: The Offer, Second Visit, and Negotiation

One neat strategy was forming a writing/support group with several other people looking for academic jobs.  There’s obviously a lot of trust involved, but having a forum to discuss potential research ideas and fine tune pitches must have been extremely helpful.

[1] Interesting side note:  There is also a Kenneth Hanson at the University of Central Florida, in the Judaic Studies program.