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I haven’t been around much, and it isn’t a new postdoc that’s keeping me from blogging.  I’m afraid the problem is more insidious.

You see, it’s really pretty out.  Hike all day and sleep under the stars levels of wonderful, and if I’m not in the mountains I’m at the botanical garden or the farmers’ market [1]I’m not the only one getting out and about, and there’s quite a few people that we haven’t heard much from lately [2].

Luckily though, there’s just as much chemistry outside the lab as in it.  So I say it’s time to host a ChemTravelCarnival, both to showcase what we’ve been up to and talk about everyday/holiday chemistry.

The carnival will kick off August 26th, running until September 2nd, Labour day.  I’ll post a mid-point summary on Friday the 30th, and a wrap-up on Tuesday the 3rd.

Ground Rules:

1. The theme is “chemistry outdoors.”  Depending on your lifestyle this may mean climbing Kilimanjaro, visiting a foreign country, or laying on the grass watching the clouds; all are great.

2. The more photos the better, but they are by no means required.  Anonymous bloggers, remember to strip exif data, especially if the photo comes from a camera phone.  There are a few guides online, but contact me if you need help.

3.  Recent vacations are good source material, and there’s nothing wrong with a travelogue.  Please limit yourself to material from summer 2013 though.


So dust off that old 35mm, grab your old Eastern European phrasebook, put on your best Hawaiian shirt, and get out there!

*No blogging experience or website required.  Neophytes, send your stuff to Brandon.Findlay at Zoho dot com and I’ll put it up here.*


[1] Views like this aren’t helping.  I’m only human.

[2] Well, aside from all the plagiarism.