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I’ve got a confession.  As an undergraduate, the effort I put to carefully adding reagents, separating products and analyzing IR/NMR spectra paled in comparison to the focus I put towards removing my gloves in the most badass way possible.

Glove Removal - Step 1

Step 1: Hook gloved finger into second glove, fingerpad up.

Glove Removal - Step 2

Step 2: Hook thumb into second glove, reversing grip.

Glove Removal - Step 3

Step 3: Pull thumb down and away, until the second glove slides off. Hold the glove against your palm with the gloved thumb.

Glove Removal - Step 5

Step 4: Ball the stray glove up in your palm. Hook your ungloved thumb under the cuff of the worn glove (taking care not to touch the outside of the glove).

Glove Removal - Step 6

Step 5: With fingertips on the gloved hand curled, invert the second glove. The first glove should now be inside the second.

Glove Removal - Step 7

Step 6: Keeping your fingers curled, stretch your hands apart. About 2 pounds/1 kilo of pressure is good.  Aim.

Glove Removal - Step 8

Step 7: Uncurl fingers to launch gloves at waste bin. Nitrile gloves will fly ~1m/3ft, latex 3m/10ft or so. With practice the whole process takes ~3 seconds.