Labour Day has come and gone, unofficially marking the end of summer 2013 [1].  At least we have photos.

I kicked off the carnival with a post on a beautiful limestone canyon gorge last week, while @WoodwardRB (probably not his real name) showcased a hike in his area.

Natalie of Picture it Chemistry fame then went for a jaunt to the Bristol Botanic Gardens, for a look at natural product chemistry in its native habitat.  There’s a nice tie in to the carboniferous forests of the distant past, highlighting how even modern oil-based reagents still ultimately stem from plants/animals/bacteria.


And now it’s back to the lab.  If I missed your contribution to the carnival (or you have strong opinions on the difference between a canyon and a gorge), please let me know.


[1] The number of people on campus has increased by an order of magnitude, and every morning is cooler than the last.  According to the calendar autumn starts in three weeks, but this far north I’m calling it early.