Toluene will azeotropically remove most solvents, except toluene. A good hivac pump is gold.

Potassium t-butoxide can be purified by dissolving in tetrahydrofuran, then filtering off the solid KOH. 25 g of KOtBu will dissolve in 100 mL THF.

The best source of perfectly dry DMSO is usually a fresh bottle or ampoule of D6-DMSO.

That thing in your oil bath is probably a thermocouple, not a thermometre.

You usually don’t have to go through the university library to access a paper off-campus. Most libraries funnel their off-campus traffic through a proxy server, and you can just copy the redirect from your browser’s history. Add the redirect after the .com of the journal site, but before whatever comes after.

eg. becomes